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Marz Law is an elite estate planning and probate law practice that serves individuals and families throughout Arizona. We create custom, personalized legal solutions that are closely tailored to your specific objectives and assure that your hard-earned assets are not subject to the inconvenience or fees associated with probate court proceedings.

Additionally, we provide legal plans that insure your loved ones are financially secure and your wishes are carried out, even in your absence. We make an effort to become familiar with your personal and financial goals and objectives. As experienced estate planning attorneys we walk you through the process of customizing and designing an estate plan that captures your wishes. It is our goal to explain your options in a clear and easy to understand manner and to make your experience a personalized one.

About Our Firm

Marz Law is focused on issues related to elder care, benefits for the elderly, and the probate courts. If you or someone you love is facing issues related to aging, we can help.

Our team has many years of experience in the fields of elder care and elder law. We stand ready to help you navigate any situation you need resolved.

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Costs can be a huge factor for those who need legal assistance and are frequently cited as a reason why people choose not to seek legal assistance.

We don’t believe this should be the case. Our team offers affordable consultations and will lay out the cost in as transparent a way as possible at the beginning of the process. You can make an informed decision about your legal matter with the advice of our team. Legal services can then be performed by any of our team members.

We can help at any stage in the process. Whether you are doing your own research, don’t know where to turn, or don’t know what your rights are, give us a call.

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Meeting with an attorney from Marz Law for an in-person or phone consultation is a great way to get an idea of your options and how best to address your legal matter.

Our consultations are not high-pressure sales meetings. They are a chance for you to ask questions and get an idea of how to proceed with your matter. We can give you advice on the cheapest and most effective options to address your issue.

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Getting Legal Assistance in Arizona

Elder Law

Whether it’s your own matter or you are helping a loved one, aging presents a specific set of legal challenges. Wherever you are in the process, Marz Law can assist you with making the arrangements you need related to aging. We have extensive experience and can help.


Probate relates to legal issues that might take place after someone’s death. Estate administration can be complex and costly if done incorrectly. Marz Law can assist you with formal and informal probate, contested and uncontested probate, and even intestate succession.

Long Term Care

This includes nursing homes, assisted living, and similar services, as well as the benefits to pay for them. Our team has extensive experience in the long term care arena in Arizona. We can provide you with the necessary advice and implement a long term strategy to get care.


Our team can help you put the right estate plan in place. Creating a custom estate plan with an experienced estate planning attorney can be one of the most important things you do for yourself and your loved ones. Help your loved ones avoid legal controversy after you pass on. 

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